Welcome to Sipi Valley Resort


Your second home from Home

Welcome to Sipi Valley Resort


Your second home from Home

Sipi Valley Resort located on the slopes of Mount Elgon

Relax at our place

A boutique and exclusive experience awaits you at SIPI VALLEY RESORT.


Your second home from home


Sipi Valley Resort offers accommodation, dining, games, and sports for nature lovers who visit Uganda.

In the countryside on the east, Sipi Valley Resort has reinvented the beauty of nature making it enjoyable for individuals, groups, couples, and families.

The breathtaking views and landscapes coupled with exhilarating sunsets make it an icon of a kind.

The accommodation comprises of the Single Occupancy rooms, Double Occupancy rooms, Luxury self-contained tent with bed and breakfast, half board and full board meals.

Guests who wish to come for camping can bring their own tents or have them hired from our Resort.

Relax at Sipi Valley Resort and enjoy your vacation in Sipi
Rooms with a gorgeous view at Sipi Valley Resort
Sipi Valley Resort Luxury accommodation, double rooms
Sipi Valley Resort, double room accommodation in Sipi
Sipi Valley Resort Restaurant, Dining area
Sipi Valley Resort Restaurant
Sipi Valley Resort Restaurant, dining area with bar

Sipi Valley Resort is located in the eastern part of Uganda, on the slopes of Mount Elgon at around 1785 meters above sea level. The breathtaking view over the plains of Karamoja, the Sipi Valley, and the three Sipi Waterfalls, offer a unique experience while staying at our place.

Due to the high altitude the region has a great climate and beautiful vegetation. The soil on Mount Elgon is very fertile and you will notice this immediately once you arrive in the region. There are plantations everywhere, from Bananas of different types to lots of vegetables, and one of the highlights is the Arabica Coffee, which is of very good quality.

Staying at Sipi Valley Resort gives you the opportunity to get to know as much as you would like about the ins and outs, as well as all activities you can do in this wonderful region.

Comfortable and luxury-designed accommodations ensure you will have great times and a pleasant stay in Sipi.

Starting right from the resort you can hike to one of the Sipi Waterfalls, or go for the bigger round to hike all three waterfalls. A variety of other activities are also very close by, such as abseiling or visiting coffee farmers for a coffee tour. Our guides will be happy to guide you on your hiking trips in our region.

Why Us

For pure relaxation, comfort and easy-on-your-budget plan


Holidays away ought to be recuperating; Sipi Valley Resort guest rooms are designed to do just that with reliable modern complimentary amenities.

Set out in the countryside and near the Sipi falls, Sipi Valley Resort offers comfortable guest rooms in a quiet and tranquil environment coupled with a cool breeze and magnificent landscapes.

Where we are


Sipi, Kapchorwa District, Uganda


+256 788 814469
+256 700 292008

Bahtiyar Dayı'nın Çiftliği
Bahtiyar Dayı'nın Çiftliği
Yapılacak çok daha iyi işleri var
Tukei Samuel Onep (Gorilla.Ug.TUKEI)
Tukei Samuel Onep (Gorilla.Ug.TUKEI)
It's a good viewing spot for sipi falls
Biggie Patrick Bryan
Biggie Patrick Bryan
Good environment for relaxing
Clare Acan
Clare Acan
Beautiful and Serene place. Stopped by for lunch after hiking at sipi falls.
Håvar Bauck
Håvar Bauck
A SCAM! STAY AWAY! These guys purport to be an upscale resort and charge accordingly, while in fact, it is barely a 2-star! While the location is amazing, the pictures lie about everything else. The “restaurant” is substandard and while they have a piece of paper that they call a ”menu”, they only have some basic local-style goat and chicken. Only after I firmly demanded it did they reluctantly agree to make a simple tomato soup (which was ok). I’d rather suppress my memories of the room, but rest assured it looked nothing like the pictures. Power is intermittent, and yes, there is Wi-Fi, but not in the rooms. Kudos to the staff for trying their best in this horrible setting, but their intentions are of little help when the place is nothing short of a disaster!
Patricia Ahumuza
Patricia Ahumuza
Sipi Valley Resort is indeed a gem. I loved the environment,the rooms and services from the staff. It is a MUST visit
A Kibzo
A Kibzo
Good experience all around
Irene Wanyana
Irene Wanyana
One of the best resorts have ever visited in Uganda with the best customer care services, beautiful environment, good food and drinks
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