Activities nearby Sipi Valley Resort

Hiking Sipi Falls


Hiking Sipi Falls is one of the major activities in Sipi. The Sipi Falls is a series of 3 main waterfalls of different heights. There are different hiking trails of different levels and different duration.

Hiking the complete route will take a few hours, depending on your speed and conditions. Even though the upper falls take the most effort, but therefore you will enjoy the best view.

On your way to the waterfalls, you will pass through several farms, growing different food. You will have chances to meet and interact with local farmers.

The main waterfall is at an elevation of 1775 mts asl and has an impressive drop off of 100 meters and is also used for some other activities like abseiling. Even though you can do the hiking on your own, it is much recommended to hire a guide.

The benefit of hiking with a tour guide is, you will get much more insiders information and enjoy your tour much more.

Abseiling at Sipi Falls


Abseiling can easily be done at the main waterfall of the Sipi Falls. The drop of 100 mts, gives a great opportunity to try this great experience when traveling in eastern Uganda.

When staying at Sipi Valley Resort you are right at the spot for this activity. The main waterfall can be seen from the resort and sometimes you can hear the joyful screaming of people enjoying their experience.

Did you ever abseil down a waterfall? If you did not try it yet, this is your chance to try this great experience in a safe and beautiful environment.

A group of experienced guides will explain to you everything and take care of your safety. The guides will make sure, everything goes smooth and even though safety is the highest priority, this activity is all about fun and a new experience.

One thing is clear, you will never forget your abseiling experience.

Coffee tour in Sipi


When you are visiting Sipi, you have a great chance to gain some experience around the topic of coffee.

Sipi, and the whole Mount Elgon region is very well known for the Arabica coffee of very good quality, which grows very well in this area.

During your stay, you have the chance to visit local farmers for a coffee workshop to learn the ins and outs about this topic.

You will learn how coffee is grown, the different stages and processing methods.During the coffee tour you will learn the importance of all the stages of processing the coffee and which impact it has on the quality of the final product.

Each processing step influences the taste and quality of the coffee.

The highlight of the tour is, of course, the tasting of a freshly brewed organic cup of coffee.

Sunset at Sipi Falls


Sunsets are telling us, that no matter how the day was, it can always end beautifully. People are always excited to watch sunsets, since a sunset always has something magical.

in Sipi you have several nice places where you can watch the sun setting down. Even directly at Sipi Valley Resort you have a wonderful view at the horizon and you can comfortably observe this event, when staying at our place.

But there are also several other spots, like one of the much visited places, called the “Kings View Point” on the top of the hilly slopes of mount Elgon.

From that point, the view is even better and you can see far around. It is very convenient to bring a small chair and some drinks of your choice. Some people enjoy a cool beer, others prefer a cup of coffee or tea.

Either with a drink or without, you will have a good time to enjoy this natural event, watching the sunset on mount Elgon



Our dedication to conservation of the environment, especially the Elgon region that has been hit badly by deforestation in the past few years drives every decision to keep the facility running.

Sipi Valley Resort is fully committed to the sustainablility and conservation efforts of the Elgon through the campaign #Elgonforgood (plant trees, reduce carbon footprint)

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